China National Chemical Engineering No.2 Construction co.,Ltd
China National Chemical Engineering No.3 Construction co.,Ltd
China National Chemical Engineering No.4 Construction co.,Ltd
China National Chemical Engineering No.6 Construction co.,Ltd
China National Chemical Engineering No.7 Construction co.,Ltd
China National Chemical Engineering No.13 Construction co.,Ltd
China National Chemical Engineering No.14 Construction co.,Ltd
China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Co.,Ltd
Nuclear Power Qinshan Joint Venture Company Limited
Wuhan Branch of China Electric Power Research Institute
SINOPEC Shanghai Engineering Company Limited
SINOPEC Nanjing Engineering & Construction Inc
SINOPEC Ningbo Engineering Company Limited
SINOPEC Tenth Construction Company Limited
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd
Ningbo Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd
Wuhan Iron & Steel Group Corp
Branch of China Resources Gas Co.,Ltd

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Branch of Yingde Gas Co.,Ltd
Branch of Ganghua Gas Co.,Ltd
Shanxi Green energy Natural Gas Co.,Ltd
Xinjiang Guanghui New energy Co.,Ltd
Hainan Hairan High-Tech Energy High-Tech Co.,Ltd
Offshore Oil Engineering Co.,Ltd
Hangzhou Chuankong General Equipment Co.,Ltd
Hangzhou Hangyang Low Temperature Container Company
Hangzhou Pressure Vessel Manufacturer Factory
Zhangjiagang Cimc Sanctum Cryogenic Equipment Co.,Ltd
Zhangjiagang Furui Special Equipment Co.,Ltd
Sichuan Air Separation Equipment Group
Ningbo Mingxin Chemical Machinery Co.,Ltd
Changzhou Jiangsu joint venture Equipment Co.,Ltd
Wuhan-New Word Refrigeration Industrial Co.,Ltd
Shanghai Qingtai Natural Gas Co.,Ltd
Jinjiang Group Wusong Cold Chain Co.,Ltd

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Fushun 2nd Petroleum Factory of CNPC
SINOPEC Jinlin Petrochemical Company Limited
SINOPEC Shanghai Gaoqiao Company Limited
SINOPEC Zhenhai Refining & Chemical Company Limited
Zhejiang Juhua Co.,Ltd
Hangzhou Jihua Jiangdong Chemical Co.,Ltd
Jiangsu Jihua Chemical Co.,Ltd
Brother Enterprises
Jiangsu Brother Vitamin Co.,Ltd
Hengdian Group Tospo Chemical Co;Ltd
Aeploa Kangyu Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Co;Ltd
Jiangsu Xinnong Chemical Co;Ltd
Zhejiang Jiaxing Sanjiang Chemical Co;Ltd
Zhejiang chengyi Pharmaceutical Co;Ltd
Ningbo Wanhua Polyurethanes Co.,Ltd
Hanwha chemical(Ningbo)Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Xiecheng Silicon Industry Co.,Ltd

sales:No3 8-16-2015

Zhejiang Concord Sheet Steel Science And Technology Co.,LTD
Linhai Limin Chemicals Co.,Ltd
Jingdezhen Fuxiang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
Jingxi Lixin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
Jiangxi Datang Chemical Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Wufeng Frozenfood Co.,Ltd
Huanggang Yili Milk Industrial Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Kaiyuan Installation Group Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Industrial Equipment Installation Group Co.,Ltd
Shaoxing County Anticorrosive Insulation Engineering Company
Xuzhou Industrial Equipment Installation Co.,Ltd
China Railway Tenth Group Co.,Ltd
Singapore Fareast Frozen Group
Malaysia SAUDEE Company
Germany Linde Gas Group
Germany Messer Company

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