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Thermosetting material with high level of combustion retarding...


— 2015

Quality Assurance

  • IS09001:2008
  • GB/T28001-2001
  • ISO14001:2004

 Rigid Polyurethane Foam is a professional cryogenic insulation material. It is mainly made from polyether polyols plus
isocyanate added with flame retardant,foaming agent and stabilizing agent and it changes into foaming body through
chemical reaction after mixed and stirred.It has high rate of closed cells and low water absorption.As a result,it is
usually used as cold insulation and heat preservation at low temperatures.Consequently,it is widely used in industries
of petroleum,chemical engineering,ethylene,refrigerated warehouse,food storage,partition wall and wallboard in
family refrigerator and architecture industry.It can be prefabricated into slab or pipe,or be foamed on site.

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 Products Advantages

1.Thermosetting material with high level of combustion retarding;

2.Low thermal conductivity,excellent cold insulation effects;

3.It features fluorin-free,environment-friendly,anti-corrosive,anti-mold and etc;

4.High mecanical strength,dimensional stability and durable life;