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Flame-retardant mastic,also called vapor barrier mastic...


— 2015

Quality Assurance

  • IS09001:2008
  • GB/T28001-2001
  • ISO14001:2004

Flame-retardant mastic,also called vapor barrier mastic,is a kind of vapor barrier material,made of asphalt or epoxy
resin,added with mineral and adequate flame retardant.It is divided into two kinds of white mastic and black mastic with
following features:air-tightness,water impermeability,cold resistance,corrosion protection,and not easy to deteriorate or
crack.It has flame retardant after dried and could be used under normal temperature.It is a kind of ideal coating material
for cold conservation,fire proofing and moisture resistance together with insulation material,such as cellular glass,PIR-
polyisocyanurate and PUR-polyurethane in petrochemical industry.In addition,mastic is widely used as waterproofing material
in construction sector.


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Products Property

1.Ave.Density:White Mastic≥ 1300kg/m3; Black Mastic≥1600kg/m3

2.Fire Resistance:It causes no spark during construction,fire resistant after drying,and extinguishes in 1s after fire source taken away.

3.Heat Durability:There is no signs of flowing or foaming,after it is placed at the angle of 45o at the temperature of 95℃ for 4hrs,and then for another 1 hour at the temperature of 120℃.

4.Water Absorption:The water absorbed is less than 0.5% (by weight)after soaking for 24hrs at room temperature.

5.Freeze-thaw Resistance:No cracks or peeling off occur after suspended at -40℃ and +60℃ for 2hrs respectively.

6.Drying Time:It can be touched with fingers after 5hrs,while it costs 7 days to dry completely.

7.Volatile Substance:30±5%

8.Oxygen Index:>30(OI)

9.Adhesive Strength:20℃ 2.5kg/cm2

10.Prolongation Rate:3%

11.The proposed Service temp.:-60 ~ +95℃