Product description

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Appearance:Dark brown paste with high viscosity...


— 2015

Quality Assurance

  • IS09001:2008
  • GB/T28001-2001
  • ISO14001:2004
This product is a kind of dark brown low-solvent thick paste.The main composition is
organic macromolecule resin,with solid content exceeding 70%.It is generally used
as glue and sealant for cold insulations,such as cellular glass,PIR-polyisocyanurate
and PU-polyurethane,etc.For its flexible property,a excellent sealing effect can be
achieved after joint construction.

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Products Property

1.Appearance:Dark brown paste with high viscosity

2.Density:1400~ 1500kg/m3

3.Low Temp.Test: Soaking in -196℃ liquid nitrogen for 72h,no peeling off.

4.High Temp.Test:

at 50℃ for 24hrs,no cracking or peeling off

at 100℃ for 1hr,cracking and peeling off naturally.