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TN-1 adhesive is a polyurethane adhesive with special single ...


— 2015

Quality Assurance

  • IS09001:2008
  • GB/T28001-2001
  • ISO14001:2004
TN-1 adhesive is a polyurethane adhesive with special single component and nonsolvent.
Its basic elements are polyether,added material,flame retardants,and accessory ingredients,
etc.It has no irritable smells or toxicity,and can be constructed at normal temperature.
It is convenient for smearing and sputtering and has long application span.It solidifies
naturally at normal temperature after adhesion,and the adhesive won't be dissolved after
solidification and has excellent waterproofing property.It is generally used as the
adhesive for cold insulations,such as cellular glass,PIR-polyisocyanurate and

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Products Property

1.Appearance:Viscid liquid with the color of pale yellow or brown

2.Density:1100~ 1200kg/m3

3.Viscosity:3000~ 20000 centipoises

4.PH Value:6~ 8

5.Adhesive Strength:compressive shearing strength:≥2Mpa

6.Service Temperature:-196~+250℃ 


1.Surface treatment:Removing the oil stains or dust on the face before bonding.

2.Smearing:Single face smearing,use a toothed scrapper or spraying equipment to homogeneously apply
it onto the base.

3.Bonding:Put the material to be bonded onto the base with the adhesive.A little pressure will increase.
the adhesive effect.

4.Curing:Adhesive strength can be reached after 4 hours at 25℃, RH 100%.After special processing,the
same effect can be reached even in winer.Under normal temperature,usage is allowed after 24~48 hours.