Product description

The Proposed Application Service


— 2015

Quality Assurance

  • IS09001:2008
  • GB/T28001-2001
  • ISO14001:2004
FG cryogenic adhesive is a developed by High-temperature reaction
with asphalt,organic solvent,polymer resin and plasticizer.It has
strong bonding strength, excellent freezing resistance,and esay to
glue cellular glass,PIR-polyisocyanurate and PUR-polyurethane
under cryogenic temperature.It has excellent flexibility and bonding
strength at low temperature.

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2.Adhesive strength at low temperature:-196℃ > 0.5kg/cm2

3.Softening point:larger than 80℃ through ring and ball test

4.Extensibility:25℃ > 30mm

5.Flash point:larger than 245℃ in snap ring

6.Needle penetration:25℃ 52.51/10mm

7.Heating temperature when molding:180℃ ~  200℃

8.The proposed Service temp.:-196℃ ~ +60℃

1.Heat the adhesive between 180℃ ~  200℃ to melt it.

2.Smear the adhesive by using scrapper, brushes or self-made tools to apply it onto the base of cellular
glass,PIR-polyisocyanurate and PUR-polyurethane,and press tight when it is hot.When it cures,scrape the
redundant adhesive.The adhesive shall be homogenously applied and no clearance shall exist.

3.The adhesive should be used up immediately and not to heat it for long time or under a too high
temperature.Usually,you can judge it through the color of smoke,which turns from green to white and
then yellow.When it turns yellow,it has approached flash point and special care shall be taken.